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About Us
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Jet Sharp provides a broad range of aviation services globally through its network of suppliers

and agents, with a primary focus in the Middle East, in which Jet Sharp now holds two offices.

The company began in 2014 and quickly gained traction as a reliable and trustworthy aviation

support provider. Our competitive advantage stems from our ability to act quickly and

leverage on our agility.


Jet Sharp has established trusted relationships with suppliers, partners and Civil Aviation

Authorities. With an initial focus on flight permits and ground handling, the company has

quickly developed and expanded to provide the full range of flight support services, uniquely

tailored to suit the needs of diverse clientele.


Delivering exceptional support, our team works closely with private operators, government

agencies, NGOs, heads of state and commercial airlines, ensuring the entire flight and any

ancillary services requested are delivered efficiently to create a seamless travel experience.

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